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just imagine:

you hold auditions for pretty boys who (kinda) can sing.

you have to find songs out of a batch that you think will be hit songs.

you hire producers to produce the vocal portion of the song

you decide whether or not to arrange it to a dance track or a ballad

you hire a choreographer and make the final call on what the choreography should be

you book shows and venues for your boyband to perform at

you find acting/host-show positions for your members


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your body is 93% stardust so dont give up little star (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


technically, all the matter on Earth came from stars exploding, so your body is 100% stardust.

And not only is it 100% stardust, it’s 100% stardust from hundreds of stars that went supernova at different times. So you are not just a star, you’re a conglomeration of hundreds of stars that died to give shape to you.

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Filed under science!! trust me guys i'm a science expert i wrote the section in our book about conservation of matter and how all of us come from stars and by 'wrote' i really mean 'wrote'. i sat there and watched some carl sagan and then i thought for a really long time and i sketched out 2 drafts and then i sat down and said: how do i want to talk about this and then i wrote it I'M KIND OF PROUD OF THAT SECTION OKAY ;AAAA; coming to an elementary school near you

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i would like to start a tag #blametrell for those times when trell says things like “spontaneous combustion!” and ends up spawning over 20,000 words of fiction and an entirely new world to build.

Or the times when trell says things like “BROODY HAUNTED CASTLE” and the result is over 10k of fiction about history and how it changes over time and leads to a COMPLETE OVERHAUL OF A FANTASY WORLD THAT HAS BEEN IN PLANNING FOR ALMOST TEN YEARS ALREADY.

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